Change is Possible.


“I’ve been arrested and charged with domestic violence.”

“My partner said I’m abusive and left.”

“My friends heard that I hit my spouse. They told me that’s not cool and I’d better stop.”


Hi. We probably haven’t met, but if you can relate to any of the statements above, then we have something in common. A few years ago, I was where you are. I felt scared, hopeless, and confused about the things I’d done and the trouble I was in. I wanted to change and was looking for answers on how, but there were few to be found.

That’s why I started the Ananias Foundation and, with the help of some other remarkable people, we built this site. Simply said, we provide guidance and encouragement for individuals who want to stop hurting the ones they love. We’re not here to sell you anything–everything we offer is free. We do this because we care about you and we want a better life for you. You may be here because your anger with your partner at some point escalated into violence. Or you realized that some of your interactions with your loved one hurt them emotionally. We’re here because we’re a community of people who have been there too. We want to help you discover the freedom of relationships without violence or abuse once and for all. There’s good news! Change is possible, and you’re going to feel great about yourself when you do.

How do I change?

When I was in your situation, I couldn’t find the answer to this question in any one place. It was frustrating. I finally pieced it together, and I want to share with you the process I discovered and the resources I found helpful. In addition, we’ve created some new resources that we think will be useful on your journey.

We’ve worked hard to make everything as practical and realistic as we can so you can apply the ideas and techniques to your life. We can do this because we are a community of people who have been in your shoes and successfully navigated the road to real, lasting change. With Ananias as your guide, you can finally begin your own journey to healing and change.

The first step–to reach out for help–can be the hardest. But you’re not the first to take this step, and you’re not alone. This is not a quick fix, but one that can lead to permanent change. And it is so worth it. Your relationships with others and how you feel about yourself will be transformed for the better. One thing I’m certain of: you can do it.

We’ve given you four different ways below to get started, depending upon what feels comfortable. Dig in and get ready for your life to get better.

Online Groups

Journey together

Want to learn from others who are experiencing the same thing you are? Here’s an opportunity to join with them in a safe, anonymous, facilitator-led group. The ten weekly sessions are online, so you can join from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Get back on course

Maybe a group is not your thing. Or the meeting schedule doesn’t fit your schedule. Still, you want to put yourself on the right path that will lead to permanent change and a better life. Our interactive, self-paced, online course may be the right solution.

Go to work

Transforming your behavior is best described as a journey: it takes time and effort. And every excursion is easier with a guide. We created our hands-on Guidebook to give you lots of guidance to help you reach your destination.

Stay motivated

We know this can often be a difficult and lonely journey. We want to make it better. Sign up here to get a dose of encouragement and a nugget of wisdom each week via email.

I’m here for someone else

Maybe you arrived on this site not because you are a person who struggles with this issue, but because you know someone who does. If you are a partner, family member, or friend and you’re wondering if this site might be a good resource to share, we have a page built just for you. Start there, then explore the rest of our content.

I hope you find this site helpful. If you do, or even if you don’t, please connect with us and tell us about your journey.