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Domestic violence support groups unlike any of the others


What if you had a way to share your experiences and learn from others in a safe, welcoming, non-shaming, and non-punishing environment? This is not your traditional Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) where you’re mandated to attend and you leave feeling like a piece of you know what for committing an act of domestic violence (who needs more of that?), but you really don’t get any help changing the things that caused you to react the way you did.

Groups can be one of the best ways to help in this transformation process. Our on-line, facilitator-led gatherings connect you to others who are approximately where you are in this journey of change. The initial group is just eight weekly sessions. We’ll go through the Guidebook, spend time learning and practicing new skills, and will provide help for overcoming some of the challenges you might be experiencing.

Our online groups are convenient!



Join from where you are:

  • No need to travel. You just need access to the Internet.

Convenient schedules:

  • Most of our groups meet evenings or weekends.


  • We understand most people don’t want to be seen going to get help for this issue.


Here’s what you need to join:



A computer with

  • Internet connection
  • Video camera
  • Speakers
  • Microphone


A smart phone with camera


New groups start soon! Choose from:


•  Thursday evening group – starts Thursday, December 30, 2021 at 8 PM US Central time.

•  Saturday morning group – starts Saturday, January 22, 2022 at 10 AM US Central time.


Sign up today and we’ll contact you with more details.

Have questions about the group? Schedule a time with Michael here and we’ll talk.

(Did we mention there is no cost to you? Other people who care about you and are rooting for your success have already picked up the tab.)




Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what previous participants had to say:


The Ananias Online Group helped me salvage my marriage. Michael made the material relevant and easy to understand. He created a safe place to share sensitive topics and made me feel at ease. My greatest take-away were the tools Michael armed me with to address my anger and emotions. Having completed this course, I am prepared to address my past and move forward in a healthy and happy way. I would recommend the Ananias Foundation Online Group to anyone who has battled with abusive relationships.

~John, Tennessee


“I was tired of hurting my wife and hated who I was becoming. I was heading toward ending up in jail, losing everything I’ve worked for, or both. The Ananias Foundation was the only place I found that helps people who are looking for help to change their abusive behavior or problems experienced from this behavior without being forced to do a group mandated by a court of law.”

~Jeff, Ohio


“I would recommend this group to anyone willing to change or trying to understand their abusive behavior.”

~Tom, North Carolina


“It is hard admitting when you have a problem and noticing you need help. It’s also hard to find others experiencing the same problems because no one wants to admit they have a problem. But taking that first step and recognizing my problem is what made me look up classes to help change who I have become.” 

~Kayla, California


“The Ananias Foundation gave me the anonymous group that I needed without the shame of doing it in an in-person session.” 

~Anthony, Missouri