Classes, Seminars, & Groups


We keep saying this, but this is a tough journey to make alone. We encourage you to connect with others who can provide you with encouragement for your efforts, introduce you to positive life skills that are worth modeling, and serve as role models. We have online groups where you can find the connections and encouragement, as well as an opportunity to learn and practice building new skills. Sign up today!

The following is a list of “extracurricular” activities that may be helpful to you:

  • Caring Dads – We know fatherhood and having a good relationship with their children is super important to many men. We like this program because it lives at the intersection of parenting and having a relationship without violence. Many of the class locations are in Canada and the UK, with a few now coming to the US.
  • Life Skills International – This non-profit organization was founded by a man who made the journey from abusive to healed. There are a number of counseling-related audio and video based resources available on the site.
  • The 33 Series – A multi-volume video series that gives men a vision for manhood. The series go deeper into the meaning of authentic manhood, how we are designed, the stories we tell about ourselves, traps we can fall into, our work, marriage, and fatherhood.
  • The Ultimate Journey – An intensive yet thorough program to explore how our past shapes what we believe about ourselves, which has everything to do with how we respond to our current circumstances.

We’re still building the list, so we plan to have more to share here later.