Michael is available for speaking engagements, media interviews, and podcasts. Domestic violence is a massive social issue with profound implications for both victims and those that do harm. It’s likely everyone has either experienced this issue personally or knows someone who has. Domestic violence is also a deeply emotional topic and one Michael feels passionate about. He is eager to share his personal journey of attempting to get help in a flawed system, his vision for the Ananias Foundation, and his hope for addressing this problem in a way that leaves everyone better off.


Consider having Michael share his story and thoughts with your audience about one of these two topics:


Why current abuser intervention programs don’t work and the principles for building a better model.

The Ananias Foundation’s work makes an engaging topic for secular audiences tuned in to social issues and solutions. Michael can speak to why the present-day intervention programs are ineffective and why the Ananias Foundation pursues a radically different approach. Michael’s passion for ending this scourge by addressing the real source, and addressing it in a radically different way, will forever change the way the audience will think about domestic violence.


Why Christians are uniquely anointed to help domestic violence offenders to change.

For Christian audiences, Michael’s story is yet another powerful example of how God uses the most unlikely people and circumstances for his will. Michael has a heart for sharing his faith journey and specifically how a relationship with God helps people change. He shares how ​the church can absolutely play a big part in bringing Christ to those who need him, and how that relationship makes all the difference in a person’s transformation. In fact, Christians may be our best hope for changing the course of domestic violence. 

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