Something Better


Hope and vision for a better life


We’d like to give you a glimpse into your future—a future that includes relationships without domestic violence or abuse. A future that is filled with possibilities, hope, love, joy, and peace. A time when your bond with your significant other is a blessing rather than a source of conflict and strife.

You may not like what your life looks like right now. If you are feeling guilty about your actions, you might not even like yourself too much at the moment. This condition can be temporary, if you are willing to take steps to change.

We know this can be your future because others have made the transformation from violent to safe. They accepted the need to stop hurting the ones they love and committed to a path of growth and learning. We’re confident you can do it, too.


Relationships without domestic violence


Most people want to be in a relationship—to love and be loved. Unfortunately, when that close, intimate relationship turns violent, their goal can’t be achieved. You may be wondering, are relationships without domestic violence even possible? Is it possible for me?

Good relationships are peaceful, stable, and relatively drama free. While every couple has some conflict, healthy ones are able to resolve their conflict in constructive, non-violent ways. They quickly apologize when they are wrong and forgive when they have been wronged.

Both people know things will not always go their way and that their partner will not always act exactly as they’d like. They’re both okay with imperfect circumstances and flawed people by remaining flexible themselves. Thriving marriages and solid dating relationships have two partners that show a deep care and concern for the well-being of their significant other.

In a healthy relationship, both individuals feel secure, respected, and loved. As a result, trust and intimacy are built. Relationships without domestic violence have an opportunity to be true partnerships, so therefore neither needs to feel isolated or alone. You can be that kind of partner and have this kind of relationship.


Other relationships benefit, too


The benefits of the positive life changes that can happen as a result of following this process don’t stop with your intimate relationships. Developing those same human interaction abilities improves your career as well. The ability to collaborate, communicate through conflict, and be respectful will build rapport with co-workers and customer and gain you respect in your work place.

If you are a parent, you already know that role requires a great deal of patience, flexibility, and sacrifice. You will strengthen your parenting abilities as you heal the wounds that likely led to your domestic violence. As a result, you’ll also improve the relationship you have with your children, a perk that lasts a lifetime.

Even friendships improve when you work toward the ability to have relationships without domestic violence. Your peers will notice characteristics like kindness, compassion, and loyalty. These traits shine best when you show up whole and healthy.


Better for you


Maybe the best part of this transformation is how you’ll feel about yourself. As your abilities to successfully navigate through difficult situations and challenging people grow, so does your confidence. Less conflict and the power to adjust to whatever is happening without getting upset feels good and produces an inner peace.

Other people don’t need to change for you to be okay, which gives you the power to determine how you feel, not them. The world will feel less threatening, even though noting has changed but how you see it. You’ll feel less alone and more connected, making you far less fearful.

As you see yourself becoming more kind, caring, compassionate, and giving, it will feel good. You’ll know you are not perfect, but this acceptance frees you to continue to work on getting better. You will fundamentally know that you are worthy of love, have value, and are here for a purpose. All of these things increase your self-respect.

We know you have the potential for a full and abundant life. Working to have relationships without domestic violence might seem like an impossible task now, but it’s not. We’ll say it again: change is possible, and it’s worth pursuing!

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