We get it. Sometimes you have more time than money. We have already been blessed with some great volunteers that have made significant contributions to our mission, but we have much more to do. Our volunteers tell us they love working with the Ananias Foundation because they are given the opportunity to use the skills they’ve spent years developing for a cause they care deeply about. The volunteer position could be a few hours one time or a few hours/week for ongoing work. Specifically, we are looking for volunteers with particular professional skill sets. Check out our openings on VolunteerMatch or contact us directly.

Recognizing some special volunteers

The Ananias Foundation has been blessed with some amazingly talented volunteers who have made a significant difference on our progress so far. We’d like to pause and recognize these special individuals for their contributions.

Rosie Jewell

For an organization like the Ananias Foundation that writes a lot of content, getting the help of an award-winning writer like Rosie is a God-send. Rosie started helping us by cleaning and polishing the words on our website, and has since moved on to become the editor of Michael’s book. Beyond her obvious talent as a wordsmith, she is a delight to work with. She’s highly accountable, eager to contribute, and is always willing to share ideas she thinks will improve our effectiveness.

Ryan Young

We were very fortunate to work with Ryan on our logo design. Ryan is a hyper-talented professional graphic designer, as well as one of those outstanding individuals who looks for ways to make the world better. Ryan patiently guided us through the process, listened to our ideas, and turned our concepts into design. We wanted something that reflected the Ananias Foundation itself: distinct, eye-catching, modern, and meaningful. Ryan delivered a home run, creating a logo with all of those characteristics. We could not be more pleased with the result.

Marie Clark

Our founder Michael asked his daughter Marie early on to assist with forming the Ananias Foundation. If this was a job, it might appear as nepotism. However, it would have been hard to find anyone better qualified to help launch the organization. Her background in non-profit strategy and management has proven invaluable. Early on, Marie did some thorough research into the current treatment programs for those doing harm. She helped us reach our audiences through her social media marketing experience. Perhaps her most important contribution has been to help us refine our message so we can respect and honor those hurt by domestic violence, while simultaneously supporting those who have caused harm but want to change.

Lori Fogle

Lori is a fountain of ideas for relevant blog topics, then has contributed her great writing talents to develop several of those ideas. Her writing frees us up to work on other initiatives. Lori’s enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring to our staff and other volunteers.