Special Campaigns

It’s one thing to contribute to a cause you believe in. That feels good. It’s another thing to make a contribution that has enduring benefits. That feels great! We have selected opportunities for a few generous individuals or organizations to experience that feeling. Please consider the following limited opportunities:

Founder’s Circle ($50,000 or more)

The Ananias Foundation has a big vision and a tremendous opportunity to build an organization to fill this huge, unmet need of changing lives and preserving healthy families. We’re still early in our pursuit of that vision. Join Michael Clark in this limited time, limited number (maximum of 10 donors) opportunity. Years from now, you’ll be able to look back and say, “Look what I helped start.”


Lighthouse ($12,000/yr.) FUNDED! Thank you!

One of our primary activities is to be available to individuals who are, often desperately, looking for the right guidance at exactly the right time. While we’re on-line 24/7, that still does not mean anyone will find us among the millions of websites. We put a lot of thought, time, and money into making sure those seeking answers get what they need. As our Lighthouse donor, you help us reach these individuals by covering a critical portion of our search engine marketing expenses. The resources and encouragement they receive is life-changing. 

Executive Producer ($25,000)

Our Guidebook has been tremendously successful in helping people make changes so they can be the safe, healthy partner they were created to be. It also provides the core material for our group discussions. However, we know that a self-paced workbook is not the way everyone learns. And, we know the times that our online groups meet do not fit everyone’s schedule. That’s why we are creating a multi-media, online course based on the Guidebook and our group discussions. An Executive Producer donor can fund the design, creation, editing, testing, and technical services needed for this cornerstone and permanent resource.

Technology Investor ($15,000)

We’re doing things differently. We’re taking a badly-needed, radically different approach to addressing domestic violence. We also live in a new era. Gaining people’s attention and engaging them in the long and difficult process of change requires new approaches that fit how people live and communicate. That’s why we’re creating useful technology tools for the individuals who come to us for guidance. The beauty of technology is its ability to be used by an unlimited number of users, allowing us to keep reaching out to those seeking help. We’ll share more details for those interested in investing in the lives of thousands (maybe millions?) who will benefit from these planned applications.