Bible Study Group

One thing we know is a relationship with God can be a powerful catalyst for transformation. Why? Because it answers first-order questions about ourselves and our lives like nothing else can. These questions, left unanswered, can lead us into behaving in harmful ways.

The objective of our Bible study is to help you deepen your understanding of God and learn to apply his word in practical, life-changing ways. Here’s what you can expect from the group study:


      • Come as you are – God doesn’t expect you to have your life in order and neither do we.
      • If you have questions and doubts about God, bring them! God can handle your questions, and we’ll do our best to share what we’ve learned about his character and nature.
      • The topics we’ll discuss will generally relate to stopping harmful behaviors and our personal transformation. There are lots of Bible studies you can choose from, but changing harmful behavior is central to our mission and something everyone in the group will have in common.
      • The study is open to all. We’re not here to judge – that’s not our job. Expect to find God’s grace and love reflected in fellow group members.
      • Plan to participate. We’ll discuss the verse(s) or topic, so you’re not just listening to one person teach or preach the whole time. By sharing and listening to others, we build our faith and a sense of community.
      • We keep it simple. Faith doesn’t need to be complicated – it’s something even a child can understand – while at the same time we never “outgrow” God.


This is an ongoing study. We meet online through Zoom every Monday night at 8 PM US Central time (9 PM Eastern, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific). Attend when you can, but you’ll never be lost or behind if you miss a meeting.


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