While the Ananias Foundation is still a relatively new organization, we’ve worked hard for several months to put key pieces in place. We had a very long “To Do” list from the beginning, and we’ve systematically checked off many of those initial items as the year progressed. One of those, designing a logo, was not a high priority. After all, we’re passionate about providing guidance, assembling resources, and giving encouragement to individuals who have been violent with their partners but who want to change. Logo design, on the other hand, is not something that will transform anyone’s life.

We’re passionate about providing guidance, resources, and encouragement to individuals who want to change–not logo design.

That said, we know people automatically associate a logo with an organization’s products, qualities, and values. Our “product” is free for anyone seeking it, so it’s not a matter of selling anything. We do, however, want those who interact with the Ananias Foundation to instantly associate us with helping those causing harm in an intimate relationship to stop. It makes sense that our website, business cards, emails—everything that comes from the Ananias Foundation—have a common identifier. We needed a logo.

About the time we started brainstorming logo ideas, we connected with Ryan Young, a super-talented professional graphic designer. Ryan is also one of those generous individuals who looks for ways to make the world better. Before we could even ask for a non-profit discount, he offered to work with us for free. He found our mission highly worthy and our approach toward stopping domestic violence refreshingly unique. We were so fortunate to work with him!

Ryan patiently guided us through the process, listened to our ideas, and turned our concepts into design. We wanted something that reflected the Ananias Foundation itself: distinct, eye-catching, modern, and meaningful. A logo with all of those characteristics represented would be a home run. Ryan delivered.

We wanted something that reflected the Ananias Foundation itself: distinct, eye-catching, modern, and meaningful.

Distinct Approach to Stopping Domestic Violence

We started this organization because we saw that a different, distinct approach to stopping domestic violence is badly needed. The standard reform program is not working. Giving up on individuals who cause harm is not acceptable. The concepts we share in the Ananias Guidebook work because they are based on sound principles of behavior change.

Eye-catching Messages to Engage Abusive Men

Offing a solution that no one knows about is futile. To spread the message of hope for those seeking to change means we need to catch their eyes. We spend a great deal of time considering what messages will motivate someone looking for help to start, dig deeper, and complete their healing process. We don’t want anyone to miss the transformation party, so we make the invitation as attractive as possible.

Modern Technology and Techniques

The world of how people link with others and consume information has changed drastically. We use the best, most modern technology and techniques to connect with and help individuals who are seeking change. The internet allows us to reach people across the country and around the world with nearly the same effort it would take to reach just those in our neighborhood.

Meaningful and Helpful Guidance

Domestic violence is a difficult and complex issue, both for society and for those doing harm. Catchy phrases and slogans don’t help anyone change. There has to be more depth. We try to make every word we write and every action we take to be genuinely meaningful and helpful for those seeking help. We wanted our logo to carry the same depth of meaning as our guiding principles.

Aqua is the color of healing, which is how permanent change happens. The circle represents the strength of the community we build around those who engage with us. The triangular “A” represents the Christian trinity of our foundation. The flame inside the “A” puts a special emphasis on the Holy Spirit that refines us and transforms us when we allow it to. The outline of the “A” creates an upward pointing arrow, giving credit for anything we achieve to the one who deserves it: God.

We hope our logo becomes a recognizable symbol of hope for individuals seeking this life-changing transformation.

I admit that I was never one who got excited about a logo. I care more about the values and substance of an organization than its cleverly designed icon. While our logo will not change lives, I hope it becomes a recognizable symbol of hope for individuals seeking this life-changing transformation. I’m inspired by what Ryan created. More importantly, I’m inspired by what the Ananias Foundation is creating to heal those who cause harm, change their lives, restore relationships, and stop domestic violence. I hope you are, too.

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